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Meet Danae Cornford

Danae is a school teacher, personal trainer and holistic health coach.  She is passionate about finding personal growth in striving to be the healthiest and happiest version of herself and sharing that with other people so that they can do the same.

Danae grew up in a small country town in South-Western Australia. Her upbringing nurtured community values such as generosity, support, quality relationships, nature, having a valued voice, and respect. These values build the core of her programs, as she believes the sense of purpose and meaning that come from belonging and contributing to our communities, is the missing link between health education and implementation of healthy behaviours.

Danae loves anything outdoors and in nature. She enjoys dancing, singing, playing guitar and songwriting in her spare time.

Happywhenfit is Danae’s passions, her heart and soul. She truly wants a healthier and happier future  for our children, communities and environment. It is her life's work to make positive change starting with our Youth.


Learn about Happywhenfit

The project and the goal.

Happywhenfit is an Australian Youth and community health program designed to educate, inspire and empower people with the tools to be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves across the 3 pillars of health.

Nutrition | Mental Health | Fitness

The goal is to create meaningful and purpose driven health education in our school system that can be implemented in school, home and community environments to make a real difference to the health of not only the individual, but the communities they belong to.

The programs aim to  educate and empower students, teachers, parents and the wider community so that our Youth are surrounded by healthy role models and mentors who ‘walk the talk’. Community projects, such as the Happywhenfit Youth Health Awards and Directory are designed to establish stronger connections between our schools and communities, so that students are encouraged, recognised and rewarded for the application of healthy behaviours.

The goal is to have Happywhenfit programs working within all Australian schools alongside the health curriculum and to have the Happywhenfit Youth Awards within all Australian councils to support Youth in integrating their health outcomes in school, home and community environments.







What do people think of Happywhenfit programs?


Danae is a highly organised and knowledgeable person who is passionate about improving young people’s health and well-being. She provides practical and easy to implement strategies to guide young people to improve their mental, social, physical and nutritional health. Students especially love the practical nutrition session where they get to make and sample easy healthy snacks!

/  Kristy harper - manager student services, manea senior college  /



Working with Danae gives great confidence that she is true to her beliefs, and has a genuine desire to encourage healthy life choices

/  leith johnston - GM bunbury farmers market  /


Happy when fit; so many amazing things pop into my head when I think of this program. When I first picked this program I just thought it was going to be about physical health and nutrition which excited me because I like learning about things like that, but then we went into our first session learning about mental health with surprised me but also made me happy because not enough people recognise that’s to be 100% healthy your physical, nutritional and mental state all have to be healthy. I learnt so many great things from happy when fit that I will use throughout the rest of my life. I would highly recommended this to anyone who wants to learn more about their health.

/  shelby lock - year 11 student, manea senior college  /


Happy when fit, is such a rewarding program to be apart of. Fitness and health, is a topic that everyone is starting to get more knowledge on, and to be able to be apart of a program that fills up everyons minds with a whole new understanding of it, is so exciting. The program itself, is so exciting. Everything that is included is a variety, such as the first day with happy when fit, we learnt alot about health, than the second day, we got to hands on make healthy food!  And the last day, we did excersises. The whole experience of being a apart of happy when fit, is so incredible. You gain so much knowledge and happiness from it. I'd highly recommend being apart of this program to anyone. Everyone has some form of knowledge of health and well-being, and if you're looking to gain that knowledge in an exciting way, be apart of happy when fit! 

/  Jariah Caruana - student, manea senior college  /