The Slow Cooker - The time saving Master-Chef you should be putting to use!

As the seasons begin to change and we welcome the cooler nights, nothing feels as soul nourishing as a warm and flavour rich meal to come home to. Whilst this sounds amazing, many of us put these types of meals in the ‘too hard basket’, assuming that it requires hours of preparation time that we just don’t have or, let’s be honest, can’t be bothered doing after a long day at work.

Let me introduce your new best friend, the slow cooker. This has to be the most undervalued kitchen tool that again, we assume is one of those items used for time consuming recipes. Actually, it is quite the opposite! I like to call it my private Master Chef, because when I walk in the door of an evening to the beautiful smells of flavours that have been slowly cooking all day, I feel like I can’t really take the honours for something that technically happened while I wasn’t home.

Most slow cooker recipes take no more than 10 minutes to throw into the slow cooker in the morning, set and walk away! They are also a fantastic way to prepare in bulk and save even more time in the kitchen.

To get you started, I have given you my favourite slow cooker recipe, ‘Thai Chicken Curry’. Click on the image below and get started. I just gifted you your own very affordable private MasterChef….you’re welcome! Mine’s called ‘Boo’ because, well, nothing speaks to my heart like food:)



Slow Cooker Recipe - Green Thai Chicken Curry.jpg
Danae Cornford