HappyWhenFit Schools Registration

Congratulations on successfully registering for the HappyWhenFit and Bunbury Farmers Market ‘Healthy Schools Program’!

Please fill out the form below and submit as soon as possible to assist in the organisation of the program.

Day and Timeslot *
All sessions are one hour in duration. Please identify the day and timeslot that works best for your school/class.
Parent/Teacher information session day *
Each program includes a parent/teacher information session (the final week of your student program) to encourage the integration of the concepts in school and home environments. I am available on the evenings listed below for this session. Please select a day and a time that suits your staff and parents. I do require confirmation of numbers (max 20 people) by week 2 of your student program. Each session runs for 75 minutes.
Parent/Teacher information session timeslot *
Please select your ideal timeslot for the above day

What does your school need to organise prior to the program and for each session?

  • A suitable space for preparing food - chairs put to side of room, four stations of tables (desks will work pushed together)

  • Access to a computer and projector to display a PowerPoint presentation and activity resources

  • Easy to access power points for blender and food processor

  • Clean up materials to wipe down tables after each session and somewhere to place food scraps. If you don’t have a food waste system at your school, I will take the food scraps with me for recycle.
    If you would like any information on how to implement a Food Waste System in your school, please ask me!

  • Spare reusable food containers for students to take food home (in case they forget to bring their own)

  • Student Registration Forms - all students must complete a registration form prior to commencing this program